Mobile Advertising. Video most popular

Mobile Advertising. Video most popular.


Video, combined with mobile advertising is by far the most popular mode of getting the attention of your target audience.

Online marketing has become extremely competitive as social distancing has become a global “norm”

Video advertising should become a priority for your brand in the future. Especially with shrinking attention spans and the preference for searchers to watch compared to reading.

This is a segmented description of what mobile advertising with video is able to achieve. You can see a detailed layout of all the features by visiting the vendors page.

Marketers who use video increase their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

When you’re integrating video into your mobile advertising campaigns, you’re already ahead of your competition.

Nearly 60% of searches are conducted from mobile devices.With77% of those searches being conducted from a mobile device even when a desktop PC is available.

Video is Able to Grab and Hold the Viewers’ Attention

The power of video is its ability to grab and then hold onto the viewers’ attention. If you have their attention, you can get your message through. If you get your message through, then your marketing is successful.

Clearly, mobile advertising is essential.

One more thing about advertising channels

Multi-channel advertising and cross-channel advertising strategies have had substantial impacts on conversion rates

Anyone can access your campaign directly from hundreds of offline sources. Your offline links (QR codes) instantly transform your brochure into a video campaign.(Imagine prospects viewing your campaign by scanning a T-shirt!)

Easy to link your Video campaign to any online channel.

There is simply no reason not to use them all.

If you can cut and paste, you can put your Video campaign anywhere online easily…

The Problem with Most Video Marketing Is Not the Video, It’s the Marketing!

Place your campaign in an email blast, on a web page, on Facebook, on WhatsApp, on a Landing page, on a Blog….  Paste the link and done

What is needed?

  • Campaigns that provide unlimited access
  • Greater access means more views
  • More views generate more subscribers, opt ins, leads and sales
  • Keep Them Focused on YOUR Message
  • You want viewers’ attention focused on your video, and only your video.
  •  With the Coherent Campaign Interface, there are no other videos in sight. No distracting ads or videos of rainbow unicorns or flying turtles etc.
  • Your viewers stay focused on your video and your message. You won’t lose them due to distractions.

1. Automatic List Building

Manually entering prospect data is time consuming and prone to errors. Every new lead is added to your list automatically.

 All leads are opted in so your list is clean and ready for you to go build your business.

2. Automatic List Segmentation

Automatically sorts new leads by campaign.

This automatic sorting makes it easy to build campaigns targeting specific audience segments.

Segmentation marketing has proven to increase ROI by 15% or more and it is built into your account.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Campaigns are automatically optimized for search engines.

Tags are built in for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as geo location.

Your video marketing SEO is done for you. What you save in SEO expenses more than justifies the purchase price.

4. My Call List (CRM)

Built in CRM system, My Call List, provides 5 distinctly important business functions.

  • Automatically adds all new leads to your database in real time. You can see who is interested instantly.
  • Tells you which campaign they responded to. So you know what caught their interest and what information they requested.
  • Informs you which new leads came in today so you can easily get back to them right away.
  • You can make notes right in My Call List while you are talking to them. You can write call back reminders and more.
  • Access the list from your cell, tablet or laptop at any time.

Everything you need to convert new leads into customers and sales.

5. Call On The Go

Up to 64% of all Internet leads are wasted because of slow response time. You can increase your conversion rate up to 64% just by calling them or sending them a text quickly. (Video being most popular for mobile advertising and being able to respond while your prospect is still engaged will dramatically increase your conversion rate)

My Call List gives you all the information about your leads. This makes following up easy. Contact any lead, right away, right from your cell.

  • Want to talk with your new lead? Call them instantly with one touch of your finger
  • Want to send them a text? Send a text as fast as you can write or speak your message
  • Want to send them an email? Click on their email address and start typing.

Stay ahead of your competition and impress prospects with your instant response to their needs.

6. Direct Sales Made Simple with Mobile Advertising.

Direct sales can be just one click away. Insert the link to your order form into your campaign and start driving direct sales. Keep them focused, keep them interested, and make it easy to buy with a purchase just one click away.

Video Grabs and HOLDS attention.

That’s how you turn video marketing into video sales.

Video tutorials included

See a detailed breakdown

Campaign Building

Coherent Campaign Interface

Use any video (YouTube, pre-recorded, record on the fly from your cell phone)

Access video campaigns on any device (cell phone, laptop, desktop, tablet etc.)

Real time capture of contact data on screen

All campaign content is reusable

Link to order forms, store fronts or any web page for direct sales

Mobile ready – view campaigns on any device

Build entire campaigns from your cell

Your contact info is automatically added to your campaign

Simple copy/paste social media posting

Unlimited concurrent videos – you can update as often as you like

Lead Generation

Get viewers’ contact data at any time, even while video is playing

Get names, email addresses, phone and inquiry of interested buyers

No links, no clicks, no distractions, your viewer stays focused

Track leads on your phone, tablet and laptop in real time

List Building

Automated List building for each campaign in real time

Automatic list segmentation

List is fully opted in

Respond to leads

Call on the go feature makes your leads available on your cell phone (and other devices) in real time

One touch dialing or texting for following up

Quick response (in less than 1 minute)

Text messaging and text chat

Real Time Updates & Dynamic QR Codes

One link and one QR Code. Print QR Codes on business cards and flyers and never need to reprint

Viewers will always see the latest content

Update any element of your campaign at any time

Boost ROI

Linking of campaigns

Embed a link to your promos, sales pages, landing pages, websites, events etc.

Built-in SEO with geo location

Built in share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Simple copy and paste social media posting and check mark


Actionable analytics, measure viewer engagement

Real time stats for views and leads easily viewed on dashboard


Built in CRM

Make notes as you talk to your clients and retrieve them later

24/7 email support Online help built in

Combine mobile advertising, with video being most popular at present. You will have a winning combination.

Video tutorials included

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