Transparency and Honesty

I’m sharing information about successful advertising methods with transparency and honesty. Tried and tested by either myself or with results from reliable sources.

Friendly greetings to everyone who would like to earn an online income in these trying times of CD-19.

Far too many individuals are taking advantage of our hope to earn an income online.


My focus will be on Marketing & Advertising with Alternative platforms that must produce ultimate results, with minimal effort.

To be effective it needs to satisfy the following minimal criteria:

  • Operating must be as easy as 1,2,3 and NOT be over complicated.
  • Up-gradable if required to remain within ever changing trends and requirements.
  • Affordable and Great value for the investment.
  • (There are some reasonable “free” options available)
  • Reliable supplier in order to market with confidence.

I have successfully been consulting and marketing for the past 25 years, this changed radically when social distancing and lock downs prevented face to face and/or social gatherings.

There are many that are abusing the situation we find ourselves in, with inferior products and ridiculously inflated prices.

My reviews will be honest and fair in finding suitable products that are “fit for purpose”

I am also of the opinion that the pandemic and the effects thereof will not only require a change of strategy while finding means to survive, but will also shape the way business will be conducted in the future.


I would love to share my experience and Marketing/Advertising knowledge with you. That’s exactly the reason why I’ve started this blog.

Times are changing, therefore we need to change as well. What we do NOW will impact our future!

My goal with this guide is to save you time. Provide you with a shortlist of the best tools, and other advice your need to make the right purchasing decision.  With this guide you’ll be able to figure out the ROI, avoid the common pitfalls and get in contact with reputable vendors.